Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Family Weekend in N Cali

We spent last weekend in Northern California celebrating my Aunt Denise's birthday.   
We did wine tastings, beach walking, horseback riding, champagne toasts, and seafood eating. 
the birthday girl
So remote, we barely got cell service....which is both the best and the worst thing ever!
Jim photographs his shoes wherever we go :)
Aunt Denise and Uncle Fred
Getting serious with our champagne tasting

Early morning coffee and beach walk
 The weather was spectacular 
 Think we are related? 
My inner cowgirl

About to go for our trail ride.  Nervous...

Jim's horse seemed a bit small for him
The most amazing beach ride, felt like a movie scene
Armstrong National Park
The girls posing

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  1. it was a once in a lifetime birthday weekend! So many highlights with a little fear factor built in with the horseback riding. Jim and Rachel were amazing in the horseback activity. Thank you Rachel, Jim and my husband of 17 years you all